Erap meets granddaughter Ellie

MANILA Mayor Joseph Estrada has finally met his granddaughter Adriana Gabrielle Ellie Eigenmann, daughter of Jake Ejercito and actress Andi Eigenmann.

“Last night was a good night,” according to a photo with the caption posted by Ejercito on his Instagram. It showed Ellie with Estrada and Laarni Enriquez.

Ejercito said that he posted the picture as a reminder of the wonderful day he and Ellie shared.

“Please take your negativity elsewhere. None of your hate will ruin our smiles,” he told bashers.

Ejercito also posted a message for his five-year-old daughter.

“Know that everything has been and will always be for you. And that I will hold your hand the whole way through. I can’t wait till you start asking me questions.

“Although words will certainly fail to express how much I love you, our love story is filled with fun, optimism, and immeasurable bliss.

“As we always tell each other whenever we part ways or go to sleep, you will always be my princess and I, your first love. Stay real and stay bright, my love,” said Ejercito, a full-time student of Politics with Business Management in London and Singapore.

Recently, Ejercito won the Best New Male TV Personality for Star Awards for Music and Television and dedicated his trophy to Ellie.

“My number one inspiration, my princess, my Ellie,” he said. Ejercito is one of nine children of the city mayor.

A few days ago, actress Jaclyn Jose got irked about an Instagram post of Ejercito with Ellie captioned: “I’ll slay all your dragons for you, my princess.”

Jose, mother of Andi, commented: “She will always (be) a princess before you and will always be. I slayed all the dragons before you. You could have slayed the dragons before this. But you chose not to. You can’t all of the sudden slay. You do not have the tool.”

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Written by Robert Requintina

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