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Why Isko Moreno retains Domagoso

HONOR THY FATHER – He’s often asked: why retain the Francisco Domagoso name when he’s popularly known simply as “Isko Moreno” as actor and public servant. With a lump in his throat the former Manila councilor, incumbent vice mayor, and senatorial candidate replies, “In honor of my father. Sure we were poor, but he was a good father. As an only child, my father did his best to provide for me and my mother.”

His father was the late Joaquin Domagoso of San Jose, Antique. His mother is Rosario Moreno of Allen, Samar.

Isko was born on Oct. 24, 1974 in Parola, Tondo. Even as a child he helped his parents by scavenging (“pangangalakal”) and driving a sidecar, while studying in public schools.

WHAT IF – Should he win a seat in the Senate, he’d introduce bills helping the poor get better education and health services, including providing public school graders with nutribuns and milk. Isko recalls that he grew up as a strong kid because of the feeding program during the Marcos years.

Incidentally, that is also one of the advocacies of presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe, under whose “Puso at Galing” banner Isko is running for senator.

Now, what if he doesn’t make it? Isko says he has three plans in mind. Go back to acting, preferably in indie films, host television public affairs/service program, and teach.

Teach? Yes, Isko says, “I can inspire and influence many young people.”

He adds that more than his college degree and crash courses at Harvard and Oxford, experience matters most.

GRATEFUL – Isko Moreno is forever grateful to showbiz for making him what he is today: Kuya Germs, Daddy Wowie, and Robbie Tan of Seiko.

He says that people in their 30s and 40s, remember him because of “That’s Entertainment” (Monday Group). His contemporaries have formed a group to help his senatorial candidacy.

Coco Martin, an ardent Grace Poe supporter, “gratis et amore,” is also backing up Isko Moreno. Well, they share a similar childhood, struggling, although Coco led a more comfortable life. Should Isko’s life be made into a movie, Coco is the perfect actor.

To which Isko agrees 101 percent. Also, Isko is grateful to the entertainment press, “Kayo ang una kong nakilala sa showbiz.”

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