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Isko not embarrassed of his sexy pictures

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JUST A THOUGHT: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mohandas K. Gandhi

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LAST TWO MINUTES: The election fever is on its last two minutes as election day, May 9, is only a few breaths away.

Manila Vice-Mayor Isko Moreno took advantage of the remaining hours to sit down with the sector in the media that knows him best, entertainment. The former actor was visibly at home with the group, many of whom witnessed his growth and development as an actor and later, public servant.

Talk ran wild and freewheeling, even touching on his days as a sexy star and the resurgence of his sexy pictures on the Net each election season. Vice merely laughs them off now, acknowledging that he’s not embarrassed of his showbiz roots.

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ISKO’S SEXY PICTURES: Here are excerpts from our recent conversation with candidate No. 13, Mr. Domagoso, Isko Moreno to you.

On his sexy pictures: I did them as part of my duties as an actor. I cannot undo them. People tend to use them against me, but I just ride with the tide.

On his qualifications as senator: I worked hard to finish my education, which I failed to do in my youth due to poverty. I want to be an inspiration to the youth, na ang isang gaya ko na dating basurero ay makakarating sa posisyong ito. I have been a public servant for 18 years.

On a possible change of name: While other actors chose to change their name in favour of their screen name, I would rather not. I want to honor my father, Joaquin Domagoso, who, although poor, had been a good father to me. (Vice is an only child).

On his plans: I want to produce indie films, films that have meaning to our lives. I will act in them as well when I have the time.

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Written by Nestor Cuartero

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