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Mar vows relocation of 60,000 families in Metro danger zones

Philippines – Administration presidential candidate Manuel A. Roxas II has vowed to relocate the more than 60,000 families still living in various danger zones in Metro Manila.

But unlike before that informal settlers are forcibly taken and relocated in various housing projects outside Metro Manila, Roxas said they will be transferred to in-city and on-site relocations.

“I will immediately go to the Congress, for our lawmakers to pass a law that would expedite the procurement of lots for in-city, on-site, near-site relocation sites,” said Roxas.

The Liberal Party standard-bearer said he, as then secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, had relocated half of the 120,000 families living in waterways and danger zones in Metro Manila.

But during that time, he said, they encountered the problem of slow progress in the procurement of lots that led to the delay in the construction of on-site and near-site housing projects.

He said that in most cases, it takes years before certain lots are identified to be ideal housing sites for informal settlers.

“It is really important to make this process really fast because the government has the money in the first place,” said Roxas.

“This is what I see as a solution to the problem of informal settlers and this is exactly the same solutions that local government units here in Metro Manila see as the best solution,” he added.

Informal settlers blocking the waterways have been identified by the government as the cause of flooding in Metro Manila. (Aaron B. Recuenco)

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Written by Aaron Recuenco

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