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Newlyweds MJ Marfori, Oscar Oida out scoop each other for news

OSCAR Oida and MJ Marfori

Despite being top reporters from rival broadcast stations, newlywed MJ Marfori of TV 5 has revealed that she and husband Oscar Oida of GMA-7 have out scooped each other during coverages but maintained that they strictly follow journalism ethics.

“Actually it becomes exciting kasi we don’t tell the stories what we are doing. The nice thing about it is that we’re from different beats…I’m in showbiz and he’s with general assignments such as police, politics, etc. So when he has an exclusive, he doesn’t tell me. And when I’m doing my own thing, I don’t tell him as it keeps it exciting,” said Marfori, in an exclusive interview for Tempo recently.

Marfori said that she and her husband would just laugh about it when they found out that they have out scooped each other for news.

“Nagtatawanan na lang kami. Sabi ko grabe ka, kaya pala hindi ka na pumunta sa area na ito kasi may lead ka na. Kasi halimbawang may exclusive kami sa TV 5, hindi ko talaga sasabihin sa kanya,” she said.

Marfori said that the decision to keep silent about the exclusives for their respective networks is a personal decision.

“It’s a personal decision.We feel it is the right thing to do. What’s professional is professional. What’s personal is personal,” she added.

Marfori and Oida got married on January 30, 2016 in a simple wedding dubbed “The Merger” at San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila.

The newlyweds are now in Europe for their honeymoon. “As of the moment, we are going on a honeymoon to Europe for two and a half weeks. We’re going on a 12-city tour in Europe. We just plan to enjoy adventures together and enjoy ourselves first,” she said.

Asked about having children, Marfori said: “Not yet. Bug we plan, God willing. next year. We plan to have 2 to three kids.”

The popular broadcaster said that it does not matter if their child is a boy or a girl “as long as it is healthy and bouncy.”

“I want them to be what they want to do – painter, a journalist, singer or a doctor whatever they want. I really plan to magnify on that and let them enjoy their passion just like what I’m doing right now,” said Marfori, a graduate of the De La Salle University.

Now that she is married, Marfori said that one of the things she has to sacrifice is time. “I had my own time in the morning. But now I have to adjust. Breakfast is our time together. Sa umaga kami bumabawi to discuss things kasi sometimes we work on extended hours sa gabi.”

But Marfori was thankful that their days-off fall on weekends. During bonding moments, the couple loves to walk around the village, travel, staycations and food trip.

On weekends, Marfori hosts a radio program called “Showbiz FM” on 92.3 NEWSFM from 6-7 p.m. “He accompanies me to the radio station. Nasa area lang siya. Anyway, one hour lang naman yung program.”

Marfori said that her husband is a debater who loves to give his opinions to current events. “Oscar, ever since, is a debater. He is inclined to comment sa mga hot topics and we respect each other ‘s opinions kahit na minsan opposing ang views namin.”

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