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Take Home Entertainment up a notch ‘Haier’ with the LE50K5000 LED TV

With the Holidays just around the corner, there will be some folks who may be looking to buy the latest consumer electronic devices that will be neat and affordable.

One of the most likely targets are the new LED SMART TV sets, a lot of which are now available in the market. But of course, one knows that with the current fad comes a corresponding price range. Hence, brands will still play a vital role though there are some who could dare try out the lesser known with impressive specifications.


Haier isn’t exactly the brand that would initially come into mind but seeing their aggressive push which dates back to August of this year, one has to wonder how their new line of LED TV sets will fare against the established ones out in the market.

Getting hold of a TV set is one thing but a SMART TV is of course up for debate. It does not necessarily follow that a known brand carrying a SMART TV product line automatically translates to the same quality so for the sake of the ones who want to get into the new binge, Haier’s LE50K5000 LED TV units in the K5000 Series could be worth checking out.

Let us dissect the features.

With the Haier LE50K5000, you get a gigantic display that comes in perhaps one of the most sophisticate designs for modern day LED TVs in the market. It features an ultra-slim frame with a brushed aluminum finish that amply rests on a stylish metal stand.

The display boasts of a 16:9 aspect ratio with an 8.5 response time, not to mention flexible viewing angles (H:160/V:150), capping a full HD 1080p display that should render those videos and photos in the best resolution possible on screen.

Adding some help is a DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) feature which accounts for better pictures translating into clear and crisp viewing.

The thing about LED TVs is that they come with ecofriendly options that should do away the worries of heavy power-consumption from modern TV sets. The Haier LE50K5000 comes with such a feature and once turned on, the eco friendly power function stands to save you between 30 to 70% on electricity consumption.

With the display angle practically covered by the expected full HD this TV set offers, nothing would make the home entertainment pampering better than with supporting audio features.

The Haier LE50K5000 comes with an AVL (Auto Volume Leveler) that should stabilize volumes and avoid the sound fluctuations that would occur. Hence, one never has to worry about sudden sound surges that would of course be a discomfort for your viewing and listening.

Best of all, the Haier LE50K5000 is a SMART TV meaning you can turn to it to watch streaming videos or even browsing as well.

It runs on an Android operating system that is fully backed by a Dual Core CPU to go with the WiFi function that allows anyone to put the multi-screen sharing and controlling interface to good use.

It also comes with 4 GB of internal flash memory that should help folks stock up or load some videos alternatively for viewing too. It has three (3) HDMI slots as well to offer you other options when it comes to using the 50-inch beau for viewing from other sources (i.e. tablets, laptops or media players etc.)

Lush and certainly a catchy addition to any room, the Haier LE50K5000 has certainly taken it a notch higher and may just be the perfect TV to reward yourself and the family.

What do you think?

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