6 Pinoy students leave for 10-day stay in Japan

Manila, Philippines – Six Filipino high school students left recently for a tenday stay in Japan for the Junior High School Students in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Member-Countries for Youth Exchange Program.

According to the Japanese Embassy in Manila, this youth exchange program is organized by Japan’s National Institute for Youth Education (NIYE) in cooperation with the Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA), the umbrella organization covering all Filipino alumni who have studied in Japan under different scholarship schemes.

Prior to their departure, an orientation was held at the Dominion Building of the Philippine Japan Friendship Association in Makati City to prepare them for their upcoming trip.

Meanwhile, as announced by President Benigno S. Aquino III when he visited Japan recently, 400 Philippine Tohoku Goodwill Ambassadors will be sent next year to learn from Japan’s experience in dealing with natural disasters. They will personally witness Japan’s various ongoing recovery efforts from the March 11 earthquake.

According to the Japanese Embassy, applications for the program must be submitted to the JENESYS Program Secretariat of the National Youth Commission not later than November 18. (Roy C. Mabasa)

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Written by Johnny Lugay launched

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