PNoy rating ‘very good’ – survey

Manila, Philippines – Filipinos’ satisfaction with the performance of President Aquino in the past three months has improved from “good” to “very good” in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey results.

The nationwide survey conducted last September 4-7 found that 70 percent of the 1,200 respondents were satisfied with Aquino’s performance in the past three months.

Meanwhile, 14 percent said they were dissatisfied with the President’s performance, bringing his net satisfaction rating (percentage of those satisfied minus percentage of those dissatisfied) to a “very good” score of +56.

SWS said the latest figure is 10 points higher than the “good” +46 registered in June, 2011.

SWS classified net scores of +70 and above as “excellent”, +50 to +69 “very good”, +30 to +49 “good”, +10 to +29 “moderate”, +9 to -9 “neutral”, -10 to -29 “poor”, -30 to -49 “bad”, -50 to -69 “very bad”, and -70 and below “execrable”.

Aquino’s “very good” satisfaction rating could be attributed to the significant increase in Filipinos’ satisfaction in the rest of Luzon where he obtained “very good” +63 (from “good” +41 in June).

He, meanwhile, sustained “very good” ratings in the Visayas (+52) and Mindanao (+55).

However, President Aquino received a lower net rating among Metro Manilans with +41 from +43 but it is still a “good” rating.

With regard to net ratings among rural and urban areas, President Aquino obtained “very good” scores with +64 (from “good” +47) and +50 (from “good” +45), respectively.

Across socio-economic classes ABC, D, and E, President Aquino also received “very good” scores ranging from +52 to +58.

The President’s satisfaction rating among males and females also improved to “very good” scores with +58 among women (from +43), and +54 among males (from +49). (Ellalyn B. de Vera)

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Written by Johnny Lugay

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