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Dell expands support for youth learning in the Philippines

Charity comes in many forms, and Dell would readily grab any opportunity to extend a helping hand. Just recently, Childhope Asia received second grant through Dell’s Powering the Possible initiative, in a partnership that aims to further the cause to empower youth and provide underserved communities with access to technology.

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The edge of Canon PowerShot SX50HS

Are you longing to add a different, raw element to your photos? Like the real facial expression of a runner taking his last few victorious steps to the finish line or the feeling of awe as you look at the vast expanse of greenery under angry clouds? All this is possible with the new Canon PowerShot SX50 HS.

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Spruce up your homes with Modern Living LED Collection

Our home is a sanctuary – a place where modern families escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel calm, rested and in control, away from the chaos of modern life.

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All-day, all-nighter Globe 4G Superstick

A Globe 4G Superstick device can be a true life saver in certain situations. Losing electricity is unpredictable in this rainy season. And if the lights go out, in crucial times for work or studies, a mobile Wi-Fi device is just the right solution.

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