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New game shows to air on TV5

TV5 is adding two fresh and exciting game shows to its roster: “The Wall Philippines” and “1000 Heartbeats – Pintig Pinoy.”

Both produced by VIVA Entertainment, the shows are set to air just a week apart.

After being lauded as Best Male Variety Show Host for TV5’s noontime program “Lunch Out Loud,” Billy Joe Crawford is to further his versatility hosting “The Wall Philippines,” his third show under the Kapatid network.

The Wall is like a giant pachinko game with a twist. The mechanics are simple: get a correct answer to get a green ball, miss a question and get a red ball; green adds to the total pot money while red deducts.

The game is played by two players with a close familiarity, with the first episodes featuring blood-related contestants.

The pair works as a team to bank as much money they can by answering a series of questions. After the third round is a decision round, where drama and hilarity ensues.

Renowned TV actor, model, and performer Xian Lim will be joined by comedian and Youtuber Chad Kinis, for “1000 Heartbeats-Pintig Pinoy.”

Each of the contestants will be alloted 1000 heartbeats as its equivalent of a time limit to answer a set of questions.

With the help of a monitoring equipment, the players’ heart rates will be recorded throughout the game, upon which the game is declared over once all 1000 heartbeats are registered.

Conversely, the way to win the cash prize is by keeping their cool under pressure in all seven rounds. 

Both shows champion critical thinking because of their strategy-reliant nature, with “The Wall Philippines” being more inclined to strengthen relationships, while “1000 Heartbeats” gauge one’s grace and endurance under pressure.

“The Wall Philippines” is set to premiere March 13, 6 pm on TV5.

“1000 Heartbeats-Pintig Pinoy” will start airing March 21, 8 pm.

Viewers can access both via the Cignal Play app.

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