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Gumamit ka ng condom for safety




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Hello Doc Rica,

I am in my 20s and nagdecide akong ayaw ko munang magkaroon ng baby until I am 30 or so. Kaya nagdecide na rin akong magpa-insert ng IUD. I am currently dating someone that I want to become sexually active with. Pero wala ako sa phase na I want to be in a longterm relationship yet. So enjoy enjoy muna.

Yung concern ko kasi sinabihan ako na yung IUD daw needs to be removed when I change partners. E medyo expensive din ang IUD so I am quite scared na baka magastos pala to for me if I date around.

Silver Tumbler

Hello to you too, Silver Tumbler!

You are smart in taking action to prevent accidental conception and I applaud you for taking control over your sexuality. Ang IUD or intrauterine device ay considered as long-acting reversible na contraceptive na low maintenance dahil pag-insert nito, tumatagal to anywhere from 3 to 10 years depending on type. Pero wag kang mag-alala, hindi nito kailangan mapalitan as you change your partners.

On becoming sexually active naman, kailangan mo ding isipin na while IUDs prevent you from having increased risk of being pregnant, hindi ito nakakapagprotect against sexually transmitted infection or diseases. This is specially needed if you intend to explore and date around. I would suggest na maging prepared at gumamit ka ng barrier like a condom. Maganda din na lagi kang magpacheck and magpascreen for STI or STDs as part of your sexual health.

Be mindful na hindi nakakaapekto ang objects like finger, toys, tampon, penis sa vaginal canal sa effectiveness ng IUD. Pero kung nakakaexperience ka ng any discomfort or side effects na nakakabother, mas mainam na magpacheck ka sa iyong health care provider. Tandaan na isang health professional lang dapat ang pagkatiwalaan mo na alisin ang IUD.

Cheers to a healthy and happy sex life. Always enjoy and be safe!

With Love and Lust,

Doc Rica


Rica Cruz, PhD, RPsy is a Psychologist, Sex and Relationship Therapist. She is a co-host of the program Feelings at OnePH Channel 1, and have her podcasts, Conservative Ako and The Sexy Minds on Spotify. Follow her on facebook.com/ thesexymind or Instagram and Twitter @_ricacruz.