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In praise of senior actors

STILL ALIVE – Was surprised to read that Olivia de Havilland is still alive at 101. Thought all along that she was long gone along with her sister, Joan Fontaine, and other screen goddesses like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Vivien Leigh, and Ingrid Bergman.

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Miss De Havilland made the news lately when the Oscar-winning actress filed a lawsuit againts FX Networks which used her name without permission for the TV series “Feud,” centered on Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and their never-ending… well, feud.

She was portrayed in “Feud” by Catherine Zeta Jones, with Jessica Lange as Joan and Susan Sarandon as Bette.

SENIOR ACTORS – In local movies, Highspeed isn’t aware of a centenarian, but there are those already in their 90s.

The still beautiful Mila del Sol, Mona Lisa, and Don Ramon Revilla.

Don Ramon is in and out of hospital but he remains quite strong for his age. Some people say, “Siguro talagang may anting-anting siya,” referring to amulets used in his action movies.

Those in their 80s – early, mid, late – include Lilia Dizon, Rosa Rosal, Delia Razon, Eddie Garcia, Barbara Perez, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Sevilla, Caridad Sanchez, Armida Siguion Reyna.

Not to forget the most regal of all movie queens – Miss Gloria Romero. At 83 going on 84, Glo remains beautiful and active, especially on television. She is admired and worshipped by the public, an inspiration to all her colleagues.