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Baring ‘Body & Soul’

SOUL THIS TIME – In the past, Maria Isabel Lopez has bared her body (and acting talent) in many a movie. At 59, she is also baring her soul via a one-woman show featuring her mosaic art. Maribel uses found objects like river pebbles, shells, sand mortar, and natural stones, creating highly textured compositions.

The one-man show is billed “Body & Soul,” opening on Oct. 19 and lasting until Nov. 2 at the Passion Arts Gallery, 4F SM Megamall Art Walk, Mandaluyong City.

Maribel calls “Body & Soul” a visual journey through the physical and the spiritual, a symbolism of the female anatomy and the forces behind it. “I create as I am God’s creation.”

She is a member of Society of American Mosaic Artist and has taken lessons in mosaic painting in Chicago, Illinois.

She also took up workshops in stained-glass medium in Berkeley, California.

Maribel is a fine arts graduate of the University of the Philippines.

FELLOW ARTISTS – Maribel is founder and event organizer of The Film Artist Group, which inspires other beauty-queen visual artists to show their creative talents.

Fellow artists include Vangie Pascual, Nina Ricci Alagao, Alma Concepcion, Pilar Pilapil. Maribel was Bb. Pilipinas-Universe years back. Come to think of it, why not invite Doña Stella Marquez de Araneta to the opening on Oct. 19 and show the primera dama of Bb. Pilipinas that she’s more than a sexy star.

Other painters in showbiz include Cesar Montano, Louie Ignacio, Cris Villanueva, Solenn Heusaff, Heart Evangelista, Tom Rodriguez, Ian Veneracion (his dad Roy is a professional painter).

‘ROYALTY’ OUT – Prince Estefan confessed on the Viva channel (PBO) show “Ganap,” that he’s gay, “Beki na ako.”
Actually in showbiz many already know his sexual preference, but it took some time to out himself as he was thinking of his career and family. “Baka mawalan ako ng trabaho at di matanggap ng pamilya ko.” Which turned out to be unfounded. “Very supportive and family ko. Di naman ako pariwara.

Early on as GMA talent, Prince Estefan claimed he was looking for his father who belongs to Arab royalty. Wonder if he found his “royal” dad.

Anyway, if Rustom Padilla is now BB Gandanghari, Prince Estefan may well be called Prinsesa Estafania. In a way, he also bared body and soul.

A few years back, Toffee Calma also outed himself, claiming he swings both ways.

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