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Solon promotes use of bicycles

A House leader is asking the government to encourage the use of bicycles, saying that it would not only promote public heath, but would also reduce the growing problems of traffic, energy costs, and pollution in the country.

Davao City Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles made the proposal after the granting emergency powers to President Aquino to address the rising cost of power and the lack of mass transit in Metro Manila is being eyed.

Nograles said to encourage the use of bicycles as primary mode of transport, the government should provide incentives to bicycle-riders, even local bicycle manufacturers and employers who provide bicycle-friendly facilities.

“The use of bicycles does not prejudice efforts to the search for cheaper and environment-friendly alternative energy sources now being espoused globally by most nations through government institutions and people’s and private organizations in an attempt to fight air pollution and promote public health,” Nograles stressed.

He also asked the authorities to also study re-routing of traffic to give the bicycle-riding public safe routes.

“The bicycle is one of the simple human inventions that could be effective form of transportation, especially in densely populated areas like Metro Manila, Cebu City, and Davao City where the volume of motor vehicles using carbon energy flood the streets causing entangled traffic flow – a really great waste of energy,” he noted. (CML)