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Filipino-style Lemon Law pushed

Manila, Philippines – Las Piñas City Rep. Mark A. Villar is pushing for the passage of the Filipino-style Lemon Law that would protect the consumers from defective vehicles.

Under House Bill (HB) 3199, the lawmaker sought legal remedies to consumers who bought ill-fated lemon automobiles.

“It provides that if a manufacturer or its authorized dealer cannot successfully repair a defective product within a reasonable number of repair attempts, the manufacturer must either promptly replace or repurchase the product,” he said.

The measure or the proposed Lemon Law of 2013 covers brand new motor vehicles with non-conformity reported by the consumer within 12 months from the date of original delivery to the consumer or 20,000 kilometers of operation after such delivery, whichever comes first.

“Coping with this necessity does not come cheap. Owning a motor vehicle is a big investment and could take a substantial chunk of one’s savings. For some unfortunate buyers, an investment in this endeavor has become for naught after they acquired a “lemon” or those that fail to meet the standards of quality and performance,” Villar said.

HB 3199 also directs the manufacturer to compensate the consumers for the non-usage of the vehicle while under repair and during the period of availment of the Lemon Law rights. (Charissa M. Luci)