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National Liberation Day of Cuba

Cuba celebrates today its National Liberation Day. It is an island country in the Caribbean consisting of the Isla de la Juventud and several other smaller islands. Havana is the country’s capital and largest city.RAUL Castro The country is the biggest in the Caribbean with over 11 million inhabitants.

Cuba is one of the largest sugar-producing countries in the world. A second crop of commercial importance is tobacco, grown especially in the province of Pinar del Rio.

Relations between Cuba and the Philippines have been in existence for centuries. As early as the 16th century, Filipinos reached Cuba in Spanish ships, and many of them fled and settled on the banks of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, United States of America (USA). In the 17th century, Filipinos were brought by the Spaniards to Cuba as altar boys, catechism leaders, and church workers. They were then called chinos.

Early migration of Filipinos to Cuba was made possible by the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade. The Philippines and Cuba were both ruled by Spain for several centuries, which ended at the turn of the 19th century with Spain’s defeat by the USA. In 1946, diplomatic relations between the Philippines and Cuba were established.

We congratulate the people and government of Cuba led by Their Excellencies, President Raul Castro, First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Eduardo Rodriguez Parrilla, Minister of Culture Abel Prietoon, and Minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero Cruz, on the occasion of its National Liberation Day. CONGRATULATIONS AND MABUHAY!

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