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For Peace, Good Health, Success

The City of Manila is one with our countrymen and the rest of the world in the global chorus welcoming the New Year of 2014 amid an abundance of happy expectations that 2014 would finally signal a new frontier of peace and prosperity for all, regardless of race, color, and creed.

erap1We continue to rise in joy and enthusiasm as jubilation echoed around the world over what the New Year would bring, at the stroke of midnight last night, when cathedral bells toiled to herald the arrival of the New Year with a good measure of hope for peace, good health, and success.

As always, the New Year celebration remains a defining moment for every family, a breath of fresh air for people from all walks of life looking forward to a fresh chapter in their day-to-day struggle for a better future.

Each New Year always arrives in spectacular fashion in a blaze of firework explosions, and a surplus of cheerfulness to welcome the good tidings of the coming year as we thank the year gone by for the memories.

We live in a rough-and-tumble world, but the inherent Filipino spirit of resilience has pulled us through the most trying and harsh times, one way or the other, under the Divine Guidance of our Lord.

Our trust in Divine Providence has taught us that the storms of life come not to destroy us, but to deepen our roots of faith while firmly believing that when a door closes, another door opens.

We welcome the New Year of 2014 with high hopes that together, the Philippines will rise again, and the pain from the earthquake in Bohol as well as the typhoon in Tacloban which brought us down to our knees, will soon become just a distant memory.

With determination and hard work, we shall bounce back and move forward.

Because there is no other way for the Philippines, specially the City of Manila, to go but up in the New Year, and beyond.


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