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Mandaluyong plastic ban

Manila, Philippines – An ordinance regulating the use of plastic bags and styrophors in all commercial and business establishments in the city of Mandaluyong has been approved by the City Council.

Ordinance No. 533, S-2013, known as “Ordinance Regulating the Use of Plastic Bags and Styrophors in All Commercial and Business Establishment in the City of Mandaluyong and Prescribing Penalties Thereof,” was passed as part of efforts to stop the continuing destruction of the environment.

The City Council said environmental destruction is a serious matter that needs collective effort and political will to curb its threat to people’s health, property, and life.

Usually, plastic bags form part of mountains of non-biodegradable waste that intoxicate both the land and water resources. According to international research, it takes 20 years for a single plastic bag to decompose and 250 years for a plastic cup to decompose. (Francis T. Wakefield)