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Strong ties of Filipino family

tempo editorial dec292013

The Liturgical Feast of the Holy Family, consisting of St. Joseph, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Child Jesus, is celebrated on the Sunday following Christmas, and this year it falls on December 29, 2013.

As the Catholic faithful pay homage to the Holy Family, we also pay tribute to the traditional Filipino family where the father is the head, breadwinner, and disciplinarian, while the mother is homekeeper, responsible for domestic needs and of the emotional growth and values formation of children. Like the Holy Family, the Filipino family’s relationship is anchored on love, care, and protection of one another.

The Blessed Mother’s nurturing of Jesus is very much like the Filipino mother’s caring for her child in the formative years. The mother is the child’s first teacher. Filipino parents teach values to their children. They place great premium on quality education that no matter the hardship, they send their children to the best schools possible. It is every parents’ dream to see their children grow up as young professionals. Apart from parents, other institutions – school, community, and church – help mold children into God-loving, values-oriented, respectful, and productive citizens.

The Filipino family is cohesive, closely knit, joyful, loyal, resilient, and positive. They pray, eat, joke, sing, laugh together, and they stand by one another in times of need. Every member enjoys keeping in touch, using the wonders of technology –text, facebook, twitter, or skype. Filipinos value the presence of members of their families, as well as extended ones such as cousins, uncles, and aunts on special occasions as birthdays, Christmas, New Year, reunions, fiestas or family days. It is for grandparents to stay with their children and grandchildren who take care of them. Filipinos respect their elders; children are taught to say “po” and kiss the hands of elders as a gesture of respect. Parents deserve and get the highest respect from their children.

We pray that the Holy Family may bless, guide, and protect every Filipino family and grant it peace and prosperity. May they keep strong the filial bond that unites family members, as well as their faith in the Almighty. Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for the Filipino family and all of us. MAY GOD BLESS US ALL! MABUHAY!

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