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Immigration agents join hunt for foreign drug dealers

by Jun Ramirez

Manila, Philippines – Commissioner Siegfred Mison of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) instructed yesterday immigration agents nationwide to join the the police in the hunt for foreign nationnal engaged in the distribution of shabu, cocaine and other illegal drugs.

The BI chief issued the orden following the seizure of large cache of shabu from a farm in Batangas allegedly shipped to the country by the most notortious and violent drug cartel of Mexico, Sinaloa gang.

The Mexican drug syndicate has reportedly tied up with West African and other foreign syndicates in bringining into the country drugs and distributing them to local wholesalers.

Mison said that the bureau is in constant touch with the International Police (Interpol) in tracking the whereabouts of foregin nationals engaged in the dangerous and lucractive drug business.

He said the Interpol has been providing the BI with information on foreign nationals with criminal records in their home countries or those included in the watch list of countries.

Those on the watchlist or with criminal records are automatically disallowed from entering the Philippines.

Others who succeded in slipping into the country were immediately placed under custody when caught while waiting for summary deportation proceedings.

Persons included in the international watchlist, such as members of international drug syndicates or terrorist groups are taken into custody until their turn over to the proper authorities, Mison added.

He said immigration officers are well trained and always on alert especially during the holidays when foreign visitors and balikbayans arrived in droves.

Mison warns foreign nationals who are involved in illicit activities most especially drug trafficking to immediately stop their activities or face the full force of the law.

“Consistent with our “good guys in, bad guys out” policy, foreign nationals who want to stay here in the Philippines must respect our laws; otherwise, they face the consequences of their actions.” he said.

“Drug traffickers are unwelcome in our country. They are a scourge of every country in the world,” he added.