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Who shot Santa? Pellet gun hits man in red

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A man dressed as Santa Claus was recovering after being shot in the back with a pellet gun Tuesday at a toy giveaway in Washington.

A local news crew was interviewing the unnamed man at the time of the Christmas Eve shooting in the capital’s Southeast district and filmed the morning incident.

The man was struck in the upper back and could be seen bending over, reaching for his back and screaming out in pain after loud popping sounds.

“It’s a pellet gun,” he said between moans, as concerned neighbors gathered around him.

“Someone’s shooting. Someone just shot me,” the man added.

Police said the man was transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities were “conducting an investigation into this assault,” the Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement. No potential motive for the attack was listed.

WJLA, whose cameraman was on the scene, said the toy giveaway carried on. The station reported that Santa’s helper wanted to keep giving out toys, buy he was ordered to hospital and a man dressed as the Grinch took over the duties.