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Bill seeks to end human organ trading

Manila, Philippines – Alarmed by the thriving business of human organ trading, a House leader has filed a bill criminalizing the buying and selling of human organs, tissues and parts.

Bohol Rep. Rene Relampagos filed House Bill 3165 to address the pervasive practice of illegal organ transplant in the country, which the government has failed to address amid the issuance of a presidential directive in 2008 totally banning the organ transplantation to foreign recipients who use Filipinos not related to them. Relampagos even noted the influx of foreign patients to the Philippines for organ transplants, mostly of the kidneys, two years after the country opened itself to medical tourism in 2005.

HB 3165 or the proposed Anti-Commercial Dealings in Human Organs, Tissues and/or Parts Act, prohibits the commercial dealings in human organs, tissues and or parts. The acts prohibited under the measure include advertisement to offer to sell or buy human organ, tissues and parts through print, broadcast or electronic media; offer money, kind or services in exchange for acquiring, buying, offering, selling or trading human organs, tissues and parts; and act as facilitator for the sale of human organs or sell and store or handle human organs for consideration in whatever form.

A penalty of jail terms ranging from 15 years to life imprisonment and a fine ranging from P500,000 to P5 million shall be slapped against the violators. (Charissa M. Luci)