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No ‘Noche Buena’ for Arroyo

Manila, Philippines – This Christmas Eve will be the loneliest yet for former President now Pampanga Rep. Gloria M. Arroyo, with her family barred from sharing the traditional “Noche Buena” (Christmas Eve repast) at her hospital suite.

In an unexpected move that left many Filipinos flabbergasted, the Philippine National Police, reportedly on orders of “higher ups,” have imposed new detention restrictions on Arroyo, who is facing a plunder charges filed by the Aquino government.

The additional restrictions was executed barely four days after some 70 of Arroyo’s House colleagues signed a resolution appealing for Christmas furlough for the former Chief Executive.

Aside from putting an end to conjugal visits by former First Gentleman Jose Miguel T. Arroyo, all family members will be sent home before 12 midnight on Christmas Eve.

The number of visitors has also been restricted, according to a member of the Arroyo family who requested anonymity.

“Exercise time” as also cut down to half, from two hours to just one per day, it was gathered.

The Aquino government has denied any responsibility in the unexplained and sudden imposition of new detention rules. (Ben R. Rosario)

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