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RP leads in American homicide deaths

NEW YORK – The Philippines leads the countries where Americans have died from homicides, although a new study shows more US citizens abroad died from road accidents than from violence or disease.

Homicides occurred most often in the Philippines, at a rate of 21 per million visits. Seven Americans were murdered in that country in 2007 and 11 in 2008. The remaining top-five countries for intentional deaths were Columbia, with 13.7 intentional deaths per million American visits; the Dominican Republic, with 11 deaths per million; and Thailand and Morocco, each with about 5.5 intentional deaths per million visits.

But with the exception of the Philippines, more Americans died from road crashes in all of the 160 countries surveyed than from homicides.

Between 2003 and 2009, more Americans died abroad from crashes involving cars or motorcycles than from homicide or terrorist events, the researchers write in the journal Injury Prevention.

Money spent on public health interventions related to homicides “has apparently been spent successfully,” Dr. David Bishai told Reuters Health.

Bishai, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Maryland, led the new study. (Reuters)