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Changing government

WE are basically on the third year of the present watch, but it seems like a plague has been cursed upon us and another three years will simply be too long for further political masochism. Read the tell-tale signs that begun in a campaign and inaugural promise with people and God as witness to the oath of covenant.ERIK Espina So when one raises his right hand publicly before heaven and on the succeeding days, violates such an oath, misfortune strikes down upon such leader’s yearling, and in the same venue of his pledge – recall the Luneta shooting.

Perhaps when God allows calamities to happen, there is a sublime message in such Divine discernment. That the corruption that continues today, the malfeasance and misfeasance in government, the venalities that seduce unworthy men in office made by “corporations” which have courted and profited themselves from previous administrations and politicians, remain, simply because – the President allowed it. Or put in obverse manner, the President did not stop or forbid it, yesterday and today. I dare challenge the apologist and those who soliloquy for this Administration – do you think if the President prohibited it, somebody would dare test him. And if foolhardy individuals does stir the tempest in challenge, but is summarily dismissed and punished by Executive action, will not the message resonate in no uncertain terms. It is about time, we stop being dismissive and generous to presidents when there is fault to be made e.g. blame must not be liberally granted to the First Lady; or conveniently spread to the cronies, the “Kamag-anaks”, his golfing partners, his KKK, or for short Karambolista. They did not take the oath. They are not the president. When we grant the President the abused “benefit of the doubt”, our resolve as a people for good governance is doubted by the highest office, because he knows he can get a pass. Scanning the political horizon, one thing is sure, this is not the way to run a government nor administer a country. The politics is wrong as well. If we were under the 1935 Constitution, thank God, next year would be a Presidential election!