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Cebu: 2 fires destroy 300 houses

CEBU CITY – At least 300 houses were destroyed when fire broke out in two separate areas in this city Tuesday afternoon and early yesterday morning, the Cebu City Fire Department said yesterday.

The blaze, which hit barangays Carreta, Tejero, Quiot, and Kinsang-an, destroyed at least P2.5 million worth of properties and left more than 2,000 individuals homeless, said Cebu City Fire Marshall Supt. Rogelio Bongabong.

The first fire hit the adjoining barangays of Carreta and Tejero at 3.26 pm on Tuesday when children playing with matches accidentally triggered the blaze. It took more than one hour for firefighters to put the fire under control.

Bongabong said at least 100 houses were razed and they have yet to account structures that were partially burned. At least R1 million worth of properties went up in flames, he said.

He said the fire quickly spread as the affected houses were made mostly of light materials. Two people sustained minor injuries.

At 1:30 am yesterday, another fire licked through the residential areas in the adjoining barangays of Quiot and Kinsang-an, destroying at least 200 houses. One firefighter was injured after he was hit by a responding emergency vehicles during the blaze.

The second blaze was raised to task force Alpha and was put under control after one hour and 25 minutes, said Bongabong. (Mars Mosqueda, Jr.)