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Aquino orders possible recall of Leviste’s parole



Manila, Philippines – It may be back to jail for former Batangas Governor Antonio Leviste if certain lapses were committed in the grant of his parole.

President Aquino has ordered authorities to review the possibility of withdrawing the parole given to Leviste, questioning his alleged good conduct while in prison.

Admitting he was “shocked” at how the decision was made, the President also wanted to find out if sanctions could be imposed on the Board of Pardons and Parole involved in the disputed release of Leviste.

“How could he demonstrate good conduct when he was in and out of the prison while serving his sentence? I don’t understand why the parole was even considered,” Aquino said in Filipino during a media interview after attending the anniversary rites of the Department of Labor and Employment in Quezon City.

“I have ordered a review if it (parole) can be withdrawn. My understanding is it can be done only through the objection of the family concerned under the present rules,” he said, adding the government cannot just make new rules and make them retroactive.

Leviste was released last Friday from the national penitentiary after authorities granted him parole. The 73-year-old former governor was convicted in 2009 for killing his longtime aide. Malacañang earlier said the President was “not happy” with Leviste’s parole and immediately ordered the Department of Justice to investigate the matter.

The President, in the same media interview, admitted that he learned about Leviste’s freedom in the media as he recalled the unauthorized trips of the former governor outside the National Bilibid Prisons in 2011.

  • To qualify for parole, Leviste had to demonstrate good behavior. But Leviste was caught on camera slipping in and out of Bilibid through its backdoor. The video was exposed by ABS-CBN’s Anthony Taberna in 2011. Under the law, he was charged by the DOJ with “evasion of service of sentence.” In order to qualify for parole, Leviste therefore had to beat that case. This is where the mystery begins. Not only was Leviste mysteriously acquitted in Sep 28, 2012 of “evasion of service of sentence” by Makati Metropolitan Trial Court Judge Josefino Subia, the acquitting judge also got promoted by PNoy in March 2013. As one paper put it, the promotion of Josefino Subia from MTC to RTC judge qualifies as midnight appointment. Why PNoy promoted a judge who promoted the miscarriage of justice remains a mystery to this day.

    Will PNoy explain himself please?

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