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Mysterious cosmic event 1,200 years ago (3)

Daniel Baker, a space physicist at the University of Colorado, thinks that a solar flare is a possibility, while Igor Moskalenko, an astrophysicist at Stanford University, is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying, “I cannot imagine a single flare which would be so bright… It may be a series of weaker flares over a period of one to three years.”

Floro MerceneThere is another historical record of war written in Latin in a monastery in Dortmund, Germany. Auroras appeared in Europe after sunset that were described as ‘in 776 two shields burning in red crossed the sky over the church. Strange phenomena were described also in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles such as ‘serpents as if they were sprung out of the ground’, an apparent reference to plasma discharges taking place ground level due to extreme amounts of electromagnetic energy being poured into the atmosphere.

Dr. Davis Eschler of Ben-Gurion University in Israel believes that the source of this energy was a comet striking the sun. “What happened then was truly huge. It dwarfed the largest solar storms of the past hundred years. It was far larger than the Carrington Event in 1859”. Several comets strike the sun every week, so what made this one different? Dr. Eichler estimates that a comet the size of Hale-Bopp would be needed to trigger such an explosion. “Hale-Bopp didn’t strike the sun, but sungrazer Comet Lovejoy may have, and with spectacular results, but on the far side of the sun. It is highly unlikely that the Comet Ison will trigger anything because it’s not going to strike the sun directly, but merely loop around it and disappear safely into deep space.”

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