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Republic of Korea Foundation Day

Today, the Republic of Korea (ROK) or South Korea celebrates the creation of the state of Gojoseon (ancient Korea) by the legendary King Dangun Wanggeom in 2333 BC. This event is called Gaecheonjeol which means National Foundation Day in English and was enacted as a national holiday in 1909.

GEUN HYeDiplomatic relations between the Philippines and the ROK were established on March 3, 1949. The Philippines is a close traditional ally of South Korea. Many South Koreans still harbor a deep sense of gratitude to the Philippines for being one of the first countries to send troops to defend South Korea from invasion in the 1950s. The Philippines actively supports the inter-Korean peace process and reconciliation efforts.

Koreans has ranked first as the source of tourists for the Philippines in the past six years. Many of the Koreans come to the Philippines also to learn English, aside from touring the country’s beaches, particularly in Cebu, Davao, Bohol, and Boracay. After reaching its one-millionth Korean visitor in 2012, the Philippines is expecting to reach the two-million mark by 2016.

South Korea is also one of the largest trading partners of the Philippines. South Korea aims to strengthen trade relations specifically in the areas of semi-conductors and agriculture.

We congratulate the government and people of the Republic of Korea led by Their Excellencies, President Park Geun-hye, Prime Minister Kim Jung Hong-won, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Yun Byung-se, Minister of Justice Hwang Kyo-ahn, and its Embassy in the Republic of the Philippines headed by H.E., Ambassador Lee Hyuk, on the occasion of its Foundation Day. CONGRATULATIONS AND MABUHAY!