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MNLF lady says she’s saleslady


JARMAIDA A. WahidZAMBOANGA CITY – Sometime in June, Jarmaida A. Wahid was approached by a man who claims to be working for Sultan Jamalul Kiram III and offered her a job to a soon-to-be-built shopping mall.

Wahid, 27, was invited to be a member of the MNLF Royal Special Forces.

“Benjie visited our store one day and he convince me to have the ID so I can work as saleslady when Sultan Kiram will open a mall in this city, to which I agree,” claimed Wahid, referring to Kiram’s alleged trusted man.

Little did she know that this would land her behind bar.

Wahid was among 15 MNLF members arrested yesterday during the government’s clearing operations.

Notwithstanding the charges that she will face, the pretty Zamboangueña remained calm and seemed not bothered, maintaining that she’s a simple saleslady working in a small store.

Wahid said Benjie led her to believe that owning an MNLF ID would assure her of a high salary when the big mall starts to operate.

The alleged MNLF member wore a white shirt and maong pants with no signs that she had been in the fighting.

Wahid said that if she indeed is a rebel, she should have been carrying a firearm.

Her aunt, who declined to give her name, said Wahid was temporarily staying at their home at Barangay San Roque after fleeing her boarding house in Sta. Catalina when the shooting began.

“She is not an MNLF. She is a sales lady and a good daughter helping her parents in Jolo,” said the aunt in between sobs.

Wahid caught the attention of media because of her good looks when she was brought to Zamboanga City Police Office at 1 p.m. for interrogation.

Meanwhile, authorities prevented commercial establishments from opening yesterday due to security reasons.

The Zamboanga City Chamber of Commercie and Industry President Pocholog Soliven said the police and military authorities here advised them to remain close.