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Manila to launch WiFi/CCTV on bus stops

New bus stops, bearing noticeably large images of the city’s top officials, have begun sprouting in commuter-heavy areas in the city of Manila as the local government continues to explore various ways to decongest traffic. But the bus stops will soon be complemented with new stops dedicated for jeepneys that will segregate commuters and yield discipline among public transport drivers.

Manila Traffic Committee chief and Vice Mayor Francisco `Isko Moreno’ Domagoso said the rise of the `uniform’ bus and jeepney stops is `part of the original plan’ in attending to the city’s horrendous traffic situation.

The jeepney stops will be of the same design but of a different size, Domagoso said.

“Commuters have to be conscious where they are standing because jeepneys will not stop in bus stops,“ he added.

The new bus stops, which will soon be equipped with WiFi and CCTV cameras, are now present at the Rizal Park, Espana Avenue, Quirino ­ Taft Avenue, Pureza LRT station and at the corner of the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) near Malacanang Palace.

“Our main point is to create intervals in certain areas,“ Domagoso said echoing the same reason for the implementation of the controversial bus ban that resulted to a court case when bus operators opted to file for a Temporary restraining order on the new ordinance.

The bus ban limited the entry of buses to those with existing terminals in the city of Manila. Those without terminals were diverted to designated terminals for a fee.

The traffic czar said the new policy has effectively lessened the number of buses plying the routes in Manila leading to less traffic jams.

While some observers frowned about the idea, the city official assured commuters of increased police visibility in the WiFi-equipped bus stops that will be ready by September 20. (Jenny F. Manongdo)