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‘Vida-contravida’ role for Allen in ‘Lauriana’

DIRECTOR Mel Chionglo flanked by Allen Dizon and Bangs Garcia

GRADED A – “Lauriana” line-producer Dennis Evangelista is beaming with pride when he tells the press that the movie was graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board. And that the CEB took note of Allen Dizon’s performance as the at once vicious and loving soldier of the ’50s. It’s Allen’s first time to play “vida-contravida,” the Philippine Constabulary member (Samuel Corazon) insanely in love with “bailarina” or cabaret dancer Lauriana (Bangs Garcia) to the extent of “locking up” her womanhood.

“Cariño brutal” it is called…and Allen comes up with a stunning performance, his sensitive and handsome face hiding a cruel streak in his character.

Dennis says that the A grade is a validation of the hard work of director Mel Chionglo and the rest of the “Lauriana” cast and staff, shooting in the Quezon province town of Padre Burgos.

FOURTH TIME – Allen and Bangs have erotic and violent scenes in “Lauriana” which might shock and jolt the audience. Emotionally and physically draining.

As they say, “naitawid nila” because Allen and Bangs are comfortable with each other. After all, “Lauriana” is their fourth film together, after “Marino,” “Migrante,” and “Burgos.”

Direk Mel, along with scriptwriter Ricky Lee, discussed the roles with the two actors, telling them the tough and delicate requirements. Allen and Bangs understood and gave their all.

Allen is used to nudity and love scenes. It’s the first time for Bangs to go really bold, but then she felt, “Panahon na. Right project and director.”

THANKS DIREK MEL – Allen recalls that direk Mel Chionglo gave him his first two acting awards, best supporting actor from Star and FAMAS for “Twilight Dancers,” where he played an aging and fading call boy. Other awards came Allen’s way, but the first-time feeling is incomparable.

Mel describes Allen’s acting as effortless, but “you can feel the intensity. I like his small gestures, like walking or holding a gun. Allen can also hold his tears, just letting them stay at the corners of his eyes.”

But then Mel also has very good words for Bangs and co-stars Angeli Bayani, Rich Asuncion, Anna Luna, Jaycee Parker, Chanel Latorre, Rico Barrera, Robert Correa, Marc Solis, Victor Basa, and child actor Adrian Cabido, who relates the story, inspired by a woman who lived in Lucena in the ’50s.

By the way, Allen owns a fast-food restaurant in Pampanga and a car trading business.

ALL MASTERS ENTRY – “Lauriana” is an entry to the Sining Pambansa All-Masters filmfest of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (Sept. 22-27), exclusively at SM theaters nationwide.

There are supposed to be eight entries, but Tikoy Aguiluz backed out. He was supposed to direct “Emman.”

No awards will be given, but then Allen Dizon and Bangs Garcia may yet get due recognitions in other award-giving bodies. Not to forget direk Mel Chionglo.

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