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Books on stars and directors

BIOGRAPHIES – In my small library are books on movie stars and directors, the latest of which is the biography of Mona Lisa written by her granddaughter Celine Beatrice Fabie. Include the bios of Carmen Rosales penned by Manny Fernandez; of Rudy Fernandez by sister Marie Fernandez; Dolphy by Bibeth Orteza.

EDDIE GarciaMary Prieto (aka Yolanda Marquez) wrote her own life story.

Mario Hernando edited a book on Lino Brocka. Nic Tiongson wrote on the cinema of Manuel Conde.

Decades back, Jesse Garcia wrote Vilma Santos’ bio, which should be updated considering the many changes in the actress’ life.

Several books have been wirtten about Joseph Estrada.

LIVES AND LOVES – Surely there are other showbiz figures whose lives (and loves) ought to be written in a book.

Charito Solis and Nida Blanca, both shining in another world, come to mind. But then this columnist has no idea who can write their bios. Close family members or friends, perhaps?

But certainly, Butch Francisco can – should – write the stories of Gloria Romero and Rosa Rosal, being close to the two icons.

Why not “The Queen” for Glo and “Days of Blood and Roses” for Rose?

Glo is the most regal among all movie queens, while Rose received a Magsaysay Award for her services to the Red Cross, especially looking for blood donors.

BERNAL AND ROMERO – Waiting to be written are books on National Artists Ishmael Bernal and Eddie Romero.

Heard that the late Jorge Arago has finished a book on Bernal. By all means look for its manuscript and have it published. If that is not possible, then Mario Hernando should finish that long-delayed Bernal book.

Can only think of Nestor Torre as the author of the Romero book – should it become a reality. Perhaps, Nestor can collaborate with Eddie’s son, Joey, himself a director.

And while at it, books on Gerry de Leon and Bert Avellana, also National Artists, will be much welcomed.

‘THE SUPERSTAR’ – That’s an apt title for a book on Nora Aunor.

I know that Ricky Lee has a long time ago started writing a tell-all book on Guy. One of Ricky’s researchers was Joyce Bernal, now a box-office director.

Most awaited book “The Superstar” is. An alternative or subtitle is “The Brown Cinderella.”

‘THE KING’ – No other than Fernando Poe, Jr., the undisputed King of Pinoy Cinema. And also a National Artist – the first and only – to date – actor to be so honored.

Of course, FPJ’s bio – should it be written – has to be titled “The King.”

Who can write “The King”? Bibeth Orteza comes to mind.

DURABLE – Have told Bayani San Diego he could very well write the Eddie Garcia bio. Eddie is the most durable actor of all time. He started in the late ’40s and is still acting onscreen, big and small. And winning awards.

Did you know that a short film he starred in, titled “Anino” and directed by Raymond Red, won the coveted Palm d’Or in Cannes?