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Abolish Congress? Lawyer’s idea nixed

Congressmen slammed yesterday the proposal of prominent election lawyer Romulo Macalintal to abolish or suspend Congress for six years to enable the country to save P211 billion, the total budget of the Senates, House, and judicial-legislative electoral tribunals.

Non-lawyers among congressmen described it as “preposterous.” Bar topnotchers who are now lawmakers were more unkind, they called it “nitwitted.”

House Deputy Speaker Giorgidi Aggabao, Reps. Rodolfo Farinas (NP, Ilocos Norte), Rodol Batocabe (Ako Bicol), and Emil Ong (NUP, Northern Samar) are among the brilliant legal minds in the House who quickly slammed Macalintal’s idea.

Reps. Teddy Baguilat (LP, Ifugao), Sol Aragones (NPC, Laguna), and Gary Alejano (Magdalo party-list) are also against the abolition of Congress.

“Probably popular right now with the scam but it’s a preposterous idea. Who’s going to legislate? Act as checks and balance to the Executive and Judiciary?” stated Baguilat.

Aggabao was more direct in assailing Macalintal. “Abolishing Congress to save funds is like burning the house to roast a pig.

The solution is nitwitted,” Aggabao said.

He explained: “Once Congress is abolished, who will enact laws. That will be a throwback to Martial Law where the President makes and executes laws by means of decrees.”

Farinas, who, like Aggabao, is a topnotcher of the Bar examination, stressed that a Congress-less government is not descriptive of a republican state like the Philippines where Filipinos exercise authority through their elected representatives. (Ben R. Rosario)