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FDA warns against use of mosquito coils

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has warned against the use of unregistered mosquito coils or “katol” that may contain chemicals banned for health and safety reasons.

“Unregistered mosquito coils may not contain any active ingredient (AI) or may not contain the correct strength of the AI. In effect, it will not be able to ward off or kill mosquitoes that can potentially bite the victim and, thus successfully transmit the infectious pathogen it carries,” the FDA said.

Second, the safety of the active ingredient has not passed the evaluation and approval of the FDA. The AI added in the mosquito coil may be banned for health and safety reason, or the AI may be approved but added in high concentration which can be hazardous to health when inhaled by the household members or accidentally ingested by toddlers or children, the FDA added in an advisory posted in its website.

Brands registered with the FDA and classified safe for home use were Emi Katol Mosquito Coil Scented, Emi Katol Mosquito Coil Regular, Lion-Tiger Scented Mosquito Killer Coil Lavender, Lion King Mosquito Killer Lavender Scented, Patrol Katol Mosquito Coil Regular, Pest Off! Mosquito Coil, Royal Mosquito Coil, Strike Black Mosquito Coil, and Dragon Mosquito Coil Lavender Scent, among others.

The FDA urged the public to report unregistered mosquito coils in the local market at report@fda.gov.ph. (Jenny F. Manongdo)