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P10-M bowl set

A rare blue and white Ming bowl is expected to fetch more than US$10 million when it goes up for auction in just over a month.

Deputy Chairman Nicholas Chow of auction house, Sotheby’s, says the piece is one of the most important items of Ming porcelain to go up for sale in 20 years. Sotheby’s Deputy Chairman Asia, Nicholas Chow saying: “It’s a so-called `palace bowl’, a bowl with the designs of flowers on the inside and the outside.

It comes from the Chengohua period, which is really the peak of material refinement in artistry at the kilns, at the imperial kilns in Jingdezhen.“ The bowl was one of three Chenghua palace bowls in the collection of the Second Baron Cunliffe of Headley, one of the most important collectors of Chinese art. Other items in the October 8 sale include a Tang Dynasty dry lacquer Buddha head and three Qing dynasty seals. (Reuters)