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FDA warns vs health product

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) warned against a so-called health product that claims it could cure children suffering from asthma and improve their memory.

In an advisory, the FDA cautioned parents against buying Citrange syrup, a product being sold in schools in Cagayan valley at P380 through cash or installment.

FDA authorities said they have received reports on the product through their eReport system from a concerned mother in a school in Cagayan valley.

“The product is being sold at R380 to children and their parents in cash or installment. The peddler claims that it will help cure children who are suffering from asthma or improve the memory of children. According to the report, the product contains vitamin C, honey bee and royal jelly, and there were parents who already complained that their children became sleepy or lazy to attend their classes after taking the product. Some parents were deceived not only because of the claimed benefits but because there is a letter, allegedly from the Department of Education, being shown by the peddler,” the advisory said.

Upon inspection, authorities found that Citrange vitamin syrup is not registered with the FDA. Furthermore, its manufacturer, Linderbergh Food Products Valley in Valenzuela City, has an expired FDA License to Operate (RDIIMM-F-2454) and has stopped operating since December 2008.

“As an FDA-licensed food manufacturer before, it manufactured flavored drink concentrates but not Citrange vitamin syrup,” the advisory signed by Dr. Kenneth Y. Hartigan Go, FDA Acting general said.

Go advised parents to be discerning in purchasing products for children and for school authorities to be more vigilant. (Jenny Manongdo)