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Gretchen gives up on helping Claudine

GRETCHEN Barretto has already given up on helping her youngest sister Claudine.

GRETCHEN BarrettoThis is what the socialite-actress told one of her Instagram followers after the netizen commented that she and her other sister, Marjorie, should help Claudine, who is currently embroiled in a legal battle.

Responding to the netizen’s comment, Gretchen said they “have done everything possible to help her.”

“She has been attacking us and our children for the help we wish to give her. I have been publicly scorned and accused of being a liar for helping her. Why don’t we all just pray that she will go seek help. I guess the time has come when everyone just gave up,” she said.

Gretchen added: “She has caused too much hurt that we just have to withdraw from her and her hurtful ways. It’s called self-preservation.”

Santiagos remain mum
Meanwhile, the brothers of Claudine’s husband, Raymart Santiago, refused to comment on their brother’s marital life.

Riley Santiago, Raymart’s older brother, said their family has yet to agree on coming out with a statement regarding the matter.

In late July, Claudine filed a temporary protection order (TPO) against Raymart, citing “physical, verbal, psychological, and even economical” abuse.

While Raymart repeatedly denied the allegations, the TPO was granted in early August, with Barretto filing a petition to make it permanent.

Both Claudine and Raymart are now seeking the sole custody of their two children, with the actress
filing a case against Raymart for his alleged violation of the AntiViolence against Women and Thei Children Act of 2004.

Under a gag order issued by the Marikina Regional Trial Court, neither camp is allowed to divulge information as to the court proceedings, but according to Claudine’s legal counsel, Atty.
Ferdinand Topacio on Thursday, “Umaandar ang mga kaso.“ (ABSCBNnews.com)

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