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Manila to privatize parking services

Taking off from the very much debated bus ban, Manila city officials are now eyeing the privatization of parking services to save at least P40 million worth of salaries in personnel services.

Aside from the huge savings, privatization of parking service will remove doubts whether collections of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) is really going into the city’s coffers, Vice Mayor Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso said.

The city is reeling from the P3.5 billion deficit as reported by the Commission on Audit in 2011. “We can easily save R40 million a year from personnel services salaries. Kami nagpapasueldo sa parking collectors. Ano guarantee tama ang nakokolekta nila? Puedeng tama puede ring palpak,” Domagoso said.

Privatization of parking services will also turn the MTPB into a non-enterprising agency except for fees collected upon issuance of Ordinance Violation Receipts (OVR).

“It will remove the doubt that the MTPB is doing something illegal because it will no longer generate income except the OVR,” Domagoso added.

To ensure that MTPB employees will not be displaced, Domagoso said they will appeal to the private company who will take over the parking services to absorb the employees in their workforce.

The other day, Domagoso and Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada trooped to Mabuhay Rotunda early in the morning to prevent defiant buses from entering the city.

Disgruntled bus operators had meant to show city officials their frustration and disapproval on the city regulation that prohibits buses without existing terminals to ply the capital city’s routes.

The bus operators complained of the high fees reportedly being charged by the park ‘n Ride terminal.

A dialogue between city officials, bus operators and the park ‘n Ride management held on the same day led to the reduction of terminal fees and the agreement of bus operators to follow the two-week old regulation. (Jenny F. Manongdo)

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    Parking should be on-demand by time of day using automatic cards/cell phone payment system. Meaning, fee will auto adjust according to time of day and during conventions while during peak hours from 3-7pm there will be absolutely no parking on designated busy hour streets and tow trucks will always be on standby. While residents without garages will have an annual paid bar code tag to be able to park on a 3-block stretch within its residence area except on metered zone, and must move vehicle every 48 hours. That works very well in san francisco and should too if executed well. Parking attendants scan cars on the hour like clock works, machines, no one can escape there.

    Thats how it works and an absolute money maker for the city if diligently run by parking and traffic department.

    This is also how to break the jeepneys, motorbikes and trikes habit. They will never be able to block no one.

    I am not into privatization on parking and traffic. This should be better handled by department of parking and traffic reporting to the city hall directly to be able to completely control it. Privatizing it would mean more and high fees for the citizens. If they are able to to do this and Estrada and Moreno put their high gears on it with proper planning and merciless execution, it will make our streets better for the disabled and pedestrians. I am hallucinating one day pedestrians will be walking on sidewalks, not on the streets, and vehicles will be out of our sidewalks and walkways one day.

    Again, I want to volunteer, I am free nothing to do much all day until my cafe/bar&restaurant starts operating, offering NO Pay, but none in government is responding to volunteers. Gee I wonder why?