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Soldiers repulse BIFF rebels

MIDSAYAP, Cotabato ­- Armed men, believed to be members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), attacked a military detachment in Barangay Ulandang here, Wednesday, but soldiers fought them off, wounding at least five of the rebels.

Barangay Ulandang is located at the boundary of Datu Piang in Maguindanao and Midsayap in North Cotabato.

The suspects, military reports said, tried to get close to road construction equipment parked near the detachment.

A private firm was hired to complete road concreting projects along Datu Piang-Midsayap highway.

The BIFF’s plan was to set on fire the equipment, military reports added.

The rebels, however, failed.

Elements of the Army’s 40th Infantry Battalion managed to drive the armed men away by engaging them in a 20-minute firefight. The Army fired 40-mm grenades on the enemy position.

The Army said at least five BIFF members were wounded during the attack, which were carried by their companions as they escaped from the area. (Malu Cadelina Manar)