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Philpop 2013: The first six

THE FIRST SIX – Highspeed recently headlined that Philpop 2013 is a songwriting contest and not a singing competition. But then the public is more interested and excited about the singers, some of them big names, who’ll interpret the 12 Philpop 2013 finalists.

So here they are, starting with the first six.

Christian Bautista for “Araw, Ulap, Langit” (written by Marlon Barnuevo)
Christian Bautista is the country’s premiere romantic balladeer, who has enchanted the whole Asian region with his gift of songs. An international celebrity, Christian headlined a number of groundbreaking projects abroad like the movie “A Special Symphony” and the musical series “The Kitchen Musical.” He also dabbles in TV and stage acting. In fact, he is set to play Prince Charming in the forthcoming staging of “Cinderella.”

With a string of hit songs and multi-platinum albums (even a diamond record award) to his name, he is undeniably the country’s top balladeer. He is out to further prove this with his interpretation of “Araw, Ulap, Langit.”

Karylle for “Sa ’Yo na Lang Ako” (written by Lara Maigue)
Karylle entered showbiz as a showbiz royalty, but over the years, she has proven her worth as a singer, actress, TV host. In fact, she topbilled the Pan-Asian musical series “The Kitchen Musical,” shown in about 20 countries worldwide. As a singer, she has released hit albums over the years. She also is a theater royalty with credits like “Seussical” and “West Side Story,” where she played Maria. This October, she headlines the local staging of “Cinderella.”

Karylle’s heartfelt rendition of “Sa ’Yo na Lang Ako” is undeniably one of the highlights of the 2013 Philpop.

Sam Concepcion, Tippy Dos Santos and Quest for “Dati” (written by Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana)
Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos are childhood friends and perennial partners. They have shared stellar billing in the stage musical “Peter Pan” and the musical movie “IdoBidooBidoo.” They’re onstage and onscreen chemistry is palpable with every song and dance they perform together. This time, the two will be joined by respected Christian rapper/R&B/hip-hop singer Quest to make “Dati” an unforgettable musical experience.

Kean Cipriano of Callalily and Kleggy of Banda ni Kleggy for “Space” (written by Raffy Calicdan)
Callalily frontman Kean Cipriano and Kleggy (of Banda ni Kleggy) are the best of friends, and in “Space,” it is undeniable that they are having the best of time working on it. Kean, who entered the local music industry earlier, serves as “mentor” to the relatively new guy on the recording block Kleggy.

Kimpoy Feliciano for “Sana Pinatay Mo Na Lang Ako” (written by Myrus Apacible)
With his “Pinoy Banats” YouTube video and witty posts on Twitter and Tumblr, Kimpoy Feliciano has endeared himself with today’s youth. His solid following (more than 500,000 follower on Twitter, and hundreds of thousands on various social media platforms) paved the way for him to be a recording artist, TV actor, and product endorser. He lends his boy-next- door charm in the song “Sana Pinatay Mo Na Lang Ako.”

Six part for “Time Machine” (written by Kennard Faraon)
The band has just recently released their latest album “Stripped and Covered,” available not only in the Philippines but also in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. The lovely blending of the voices of vocalists Rey and Kaye and “Time Machine’s” romantic arrangement make this song an ultimate treat for lovers.