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Edita Burgos is Mother Courage

NOT THE MOTHERS – Watched a BBC docu on the desaparicidos in Argentina during the dark years of the ’60s and ’70s. Mothers lost their husbands, children, parents, siblings, abducted by the military. All others have given up hope of ever seeing their loved ones, but not the mothers.

Lorna TolentinoThey spoke during rallies, prayed to all the saints in heaven, harassed government and military authorities. Their efforts paid off; found loved ones (mostly buried in unmarked graves); sent behind bars the perpetrators, a general and several colonels included.

Mothers never give up.

FACE OF COURAGE – Mrs. Edita Burgos comes to mind. Her son Jonas was abducted by the military more then six years ago… and to date she’s still looking for him, dead or alive, most probably the former. She faced countless crises and challenges that would have fazed an ordinary mortal, but not Mrs. Burgos.

But then Mrs. Burgos is used to a hard life, being the wife (now widow) of the freedom fighter Joe Burgos, publisher of “Malaya” and “We Forum.” They were persecuted, prosecuted by martial law authorities but she and Joe stuck to their guns, in a manner of speaking.

Mrs. Burgos, a teacher with a doctorate in education, rarely breaks down – just like President Cory Aquino – even during the most trying circumstances. She speaks with conviction. Truly the face of courage.

Under the administration of President Noynoy Aquino, the disappearance of Jonas might just be solved.

BURGOS STORY – Director Joel Lamangan and scriptwriter Ricky Lee are collaborating on the story of Edith, simply titled “Burgos.”

Lorna plays Edith and Rocco Nacino, Jonas.

The actress doesn’t mind that she’s second or even third choice. The original choice was Nora Aunor and later Hilda Koronel was considered.

Mrs. Burgos is very happy with Lorna, saying “God must have a purpose.”

The deeply religious Edith is a member of the House of Prayer, the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites.
Playing other members of the Burgos family ace Tirso Cruz III (as husband Joe), Ina Feleo (as Jonas’ wife), and Allen Dizon, Bangs Garcia, Dimples Sta. Romana, Kerbie Zamora as the other Burgos children.

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