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What would you do if you were Chiz?

Jullie Yap Daza“I would talk to Heart’s parents,” said one senator (Trillanes) of the other (Escudero), both of whom happen to be in the same race for reelection.

Senator Antonio Trillanes’ advice to Senator Chiz Escudero, who has a little problem with the parents of his sweet Heart, was cheered by “Bulong Pulungan” at Sofitel last Tuesday. To those in the lunch crowd who were waiting for him to lighten up, his heartfelt reply was it, the moment they had been waiting for, to see if there was a human or feeling side to him. His eyes widened when he heard their chuckles and squeals (of parental delight), and for the first time during his time in the hot seat, he broke into a real smile.

Senator Trillanes had another reason to smile, being no. 11 in the latest SWS survey, the same ranking that put him in the Senate in 2007 with 11 million votes. He had a lot of stories to share with Bulong, but three out of the four were strictly off the record. So there, the defense establishment, politicians, analysts, and professional gossip-mongers will have to wait for his book, if and when it will be published, for the record – a tell-all unraveling the inside stories and back stories to Oakwood, Peninsula, Scarborough, names with an exotic ring to them.

As sure as the senator who’s married to Arlene, a fellow-PMAyer, is confident of reelection, there’s a newbie candidate at the bottom, no. 30-33, Greco Belgica, whose friends are hard put to smelling the remotest likelihood of victory. And yet the US-educated Mr. Belgica’s advocacy is as plain as simplifying the tax structure.

The candidate would work to scrap the individual income tax and replace it with a uniform tax rate no higher than 10 percent, whether income is personal or business, on the theory that making it simple for the taxpayer to pay means making it easy for gov’t to collect more. The only problem I see here is that the scheme is too Utopian, not long-winded enough for our soap-opera mentalities.