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Vaginal plastic surgery on ‘MedTalk’

ACCORDING to TIME.com, they have located some sex-education websites where teenage girls openly express their tirade towards their own labia, online. One expresses her “hate” for the said body part, and on another website, women are posting pictures of their nether regions, asking for opinion whether they should get nipped down there. The mere idea of all this may sound a bit appalling to some, but these problems exist and are very true.

Here enters vaginal plastic surgery and genital aesthetic surgery – the saving grace of women who have grown to dislike their lower regions. Depending on the particular procedure the patient wants to have performed, female genital cosmetic surgery can range from labiaplasty, vaginoplasty (tightening of the vagina), clitoral un-hooding, G-spot augmentation to hymen reconstruction, a.k.a. revirginization.

Join “MedTalk” host, Angel Jacob, as she takes us deeper into this sensitive issue which defi nes not only human sexuality, but self-contentment as well.

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