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Manila, Philippines – As of this writing, the percolating tension in Lahad Datu Sabah (Malaysia) where 100 Filipino members of the Royal Armed Forces of the Sultanate, brings to the forefront what some describe as the reluctance, actually broken promises of previous Administrations (post Marcos) to pursue the re-acquisition of, more or less, 78,000 square kilometers of rich Philippine territory. Such national commitment was made to the Sultanate of Sulu who are true sovereigns to North Borneo, but have subsumed themslves as Filipino citizens, and thus with much gratitude to the Kiram Family, increased the territorial breadth & wealth of our country.

The unrelenting pursuit of Sabah’s recovery is the truest exemplification of our Republic’s collective dedication to all Filipino-Muslim brethrens, ever ready to join in aggregate cause, thereby rendering by overt & patriotic acts the disimilarites of ethnicity, religion, social status, etc. obsolete, in founding one & united nation. In this matter, there can be no majority and minority among our people. We are all in the majority to request, to demand, to protest, to make a stand, to all go to Sabah. For our government to find it’s voice and make penance, that the road to pacification, diplomacy, and for some, bribery of the highest order, led to the increasing neo-colonialist influence (political, economic, etc.) of Malaysia over Southern Mindanao, the Philippines, and betrayal of many Malacanang occupants.

Bravo to the 100 Filipinos who dared assert the sovereign right to a homeland for Tausugs, the Sultanate, and the Republic! Perfidy has many names — MILF, Malaysian peace, Malaysian BangsaMoro political territory.

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    Sabahans to make decision…from being with poor country of the philippines..better be with well developed country like Malaysia.United Nations has made referendum agreed by former Pres.Magapagal of Philippines and Pres.Sukarno of Indonesia in 1965..People of Sabah at that time majority want to join Malaysia.The decision was made that for Sabah to join Malaysia.With this, the philippines has lost the historical rights on Sabah through Sulu ancient kingdom.With Macapagal to agree to whatever decision made in the referendum by UN…so this issue has resolved where Sulu is a loser.I as Sabahan would prefer to be an independent country rather than joining the Philippines.