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Bong’s heroic presence in ‘Indio’

Manila, Philippines – ENTER BONG REVILLA – The epic series (a telemovie, really) on GMA, “Indio,” becomes more exciting with the entry of Bong Revilla. Never before has television shown such a gigantic soap, brimming with action and drama, set during the early years of Spanish colonization.

Bong Revilla as ‘Indio’Alden Richards played the teenage Bong for several weeks. Alden did justice to the “Indio” role. But of course, Bong’s appearance was much anticipated.

In “Indio” Bong proves beyond doubt that aside from being the “titanic action star,” he is also very competent in drama, investing the part with his heroic presence.

Jennylyn Mercado as Esperanza is Bong’s love interest, their reunion set against a historical background in Maynilad (old Manila), before the Sangley or Chinese uprising.

Congratulations to director Dondon Santos and writer Suzettee Doctolero.

BINAY DYNASTY – Senatorial candidate Nancy Binay says that the so-called political dynasty is just like showbiz dynasty. Seems natural that children follow in the footsteps of their parents.

Nancy’s father Jojo Binay was Makati mayor and incumbent Vice President. Her mother, Dra. Elenita was also mayor. And so now brother Junjun is mayor and sister Abby is congresswoman–of Makati, of course. She’s running for senator in the May elections.

Is that bad?

Not when the political dynasty is doing well–as the Binays are. Besides, the people have the last say on whether to put or oust public officials. Many dynasties are no longer around because the voters rejected them.

As regards dynasties, look at the Eigenmanns, Gutierrezes, Muhlachs, Poes, Salvadors, Ilagans. They last because the public support them, having the talent and looks.

By the way, if elected, Nancy wants to provide showbiz folk, movie writers included, cheap housing. She is the chief of staff of VP Binay, who’s also the housing czar. Recent surveys place Nancy on the win list.

‘KONTRA-DAYA’ – Like Grace Poe, Sen. Koko Pimentel’s advocacies include “kontra-daya.” Which is only expected.

Grace’s father, FPJ, was cheated of the presidency. Koko was deprived of his Senate seat for three years because of massive cheating in Mindanao. Koko had to fight it out with the Senate electoral tribunal before he gained his rightful Senate seat.

But then Koko was represented by an A-One lawyer, himself, being a bar (No.1) topnotcher.

Things are looking bright for Grace and Koko in the coming senatorial polls. Both are on the win-list. Grace No. 10 and Koko No. 5

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