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IBO to review Dapudong’s fight

Manila, Philippines – International Boxing Organization (IBO) President Edward S. Levine has ordered the immediate review of the video recording of the Junior Bantamweight Championship fight between Filipino Edrin Dapudong and South African Gideon Buthelezi held Nov. 10 in Johannesburg.

Buthelezi, a former world champion, was pummeled and knocked down by Dapudong in the ninth round but was declared the new IBO world champion via split decision.

That prompted Dapudong’s patron and manager, former North Cotabato Governor Manny Pinol, to file a formal complaint against American judge Michael Pernick for alleged anomalous scoring, especially Round 9 which he scored 10-9 in favor of the Filipino.

Boxing rules state that a knockdown is scored 10-8 in favor of the boxer who scores a knockdown, unless the downed fighter is able to recover during the round by punishing his opponent severely to warrant the reduction of the scoring advantage to 10-9.

In a letter sent to Gov. Pinol, Levine said a panel of highly respected judges will review and score the fight and submit their scoring to the IBO.

An order on whether to order a rematch or not will be made within 10 days following the review, Levine said in his letter to Gov. Pinol.

Levine, however, rejected the request of the former North Cotabato Governor to suspend Penick as an IBO sanctioned boxing judge pending the result of the investigation.

Penick, who scored the fight 115-113 in favor of Buthelezi, was one of the two neutral judges in the championship fight. Briton Reg Thompson had Dapudong winning the fight 114113 while South African judge Tony Nyangiwe had his countryman winning by 115-112.

Both Thompson and Nyangiwe, who was obviously biased in favor of Buthelezi, correctly scored the 9th round knockdown 10-8 for Dapudong.