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Original singer of ‘Pusong Bato’

Manila, Philippines – ‘PUSONG MAMON’ — Aimee Torres, the original singer of the monster hit “Pusong Bato” is not really one. On the contrary, she can be softhearted – pusong mamon. She gets emotional and teary eyed when she speaks of her differences with “Pusong Bato” writer Renee “Alon” de la Rosa.

AIMEE TorresYou see, Alon, who’s a family friend (used to be anyway), is now claiming that he’s the original singer of “Pusong Bato,” as if Aimee never recorded the song first in 2003, the carrier single of her first album. “Inagawan ako ng credit.”

It’s true that Alon wrote “Pusong Bato,” no question about that, but then Aimee’s father, Manuel S. Torres, bought the rights to the song in 2003 for P140,000 along with nine others of his compositions.

LEGAL ACTION – Actually, there could have been no problems had Alon given credit to Aimee as the original singer of “Pusong Bato.” Which he did not.

Will Aimee’s father, who owns the rights to “Pusong Bato” (there’s a document to that effect), take legal action against Alon?

Aimee says her father is considering it.

The 2003 album, where Aimee originally sang “Pusong Bato,” has been repackaged, released by Star Records.

SHOWBIZ STINT – Aimee Torres isn’t really new in showbiz, having appeared in several films and TV shows and sang in a lot of events, including FAMAS night this year where she was solo performer.

She finished high school at Santa Isabel and tucked up a degree in masscom at Lyceum. Aimee’s the only girl among five siblings.

At a presscon at Music Box along Timog, Aimee sang ang gyrated to the tunes of “Kumusta Ka, Mahal,” “Rosalinda,” and of course, “Pusong Bato.” She harks back to the era of such sexy and pretty singers as Pilita Corrales and Carmen Soriano.

Her singing is accompanied by graceful and seductive moves – and even a bit of acting. Bravo, Aimee!

MOVING ON – Perhaps, the brouhaha surrounding “Pusong Bato” could relaunch Aimee as singer and actress. Why not another song titled “Pusong Mamon”?

One setback, no matter how painful, should not stop Aimee from moving on with her career.

No one can take away from her the credit of singing and popularizing first “Pusong Bato,” its original singer.

Let’s quote some lines from “Pusong Bato.”

Di mo alam, dahil sa ’yo ako’y di makakain.

Di rin makatulog buhat nang iyong lokohin.

Kung ako’y muling iibig, sana’y di maging katulad mo.

Tulad mo na may pusong bato.

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