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‘Prankista’ this Sunday on SNBO

Manila, Philippines – GET the most out of your weekend with “Prankista“ which will air this Nov. 11 on GMA-7 at 10 p.m.

The show will take you to the next level of pranks that happen all over the country. Hosted by Boy2 Quizon and produced by Brownsugar Entertainment, it is the young actor’s first project as executive producer and the company’s first line production with the network giant.

“Prankista,“ a one-and-a-half-hour special, is a blend of popular shows such as “Jack-Ass,“ “Punked,“ “Just for Laughs,“ and several extreme Japanese pranks popularized over the Internet.

From the hottest white sand beaches to the scenic forests of Baguio, “Prankista“ throws you in situations face-to-face with wild animals, sexy accomplices, large-scale traps, awkward situations, and screaming scare tactics that border on the experimental, unpredictable, and absolutely insane.

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