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Charice’s acting gets good reviews

Manila, Philippines – THE reviews are in for the inspirational comedy flick “Here Comes the Boom.” And while critics are divided over this Kevin James starrer, a handful of them commended the performance of cast member Charice.

David Germain of the Associated Press wrote that the 20-year-old singer and budding actress “adds adorability as a bright and earnest student,” referring to her character Malia dela Cruz – a “musical genius” and “brainiac,” as Charice herself described.

The review was also published on Huffington Post and Fox News.

Charice’s character “could easily have been a mawkish bit, but like so much else, it works, and when she and the school band surprisingly appear in Vegas to perform Scott’s unlikely theme song, ‘Holly Holy,’ I defy anyone not to get a little misty,” said David Noh of Film Journal International, the sister publication of Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter.

Dustin Putman, member of the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS), put out a lengthy commentary on Charice’s performance in his review, saying that the latter “gets the best and more energized moments” in “Here Comes the Boom.” Acting-wise, the international singing sensation “brings such honesty and emotion to the screen that one can’t help but care about her.”

“For a singer-turned-actor whose biggest notable credit is a guest-starring role on ‘Glee,’ Charice is a star in the making with a smile that could light up a New York City blackout,” he added.

The “Louder” singer also got a special mention in Michael Phillips’ review for the Chicago Tribune.

“The film takes it easy on the audience, even while indulging in shameless narrative strategies to engineer a very full climax, showcasing among others the talented Filipina student played by Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, who goes by (the name) Charice.” (Bulletin Entertainment Online)

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  • Aurora Abude-Schaefer

    Attention Filipino Movie Producers,
    With Charice exposure , it is your opportunity now to produce a Filipino>American Comedy Film , giving her a lead role. Introducing also the beautiful Land and Seascapes of the Philippines.will add to make the film more interesting. Considering the vast poential in the Philippines (young Talents and Natural environment), the Film will not be as expensive as those produced in Hollywood. Anyway, you got already over
    9 Million Filipinos as ready Film Viewers worldwide.
    Good Luck and God bless!!!


  • Billy

    I love Charice so much! Will definitely see the flim!

  • Chris

    The spelling of “Charice” in the article is wrong, its written “Chance”

  • Ehtang

    Charice is a laser beam.

  • Ehtang

    Charice is magical. She has the electrifying voice that electrocute anyone. She shines anywhere she goes. She is an angel that transcends and uplift anyone’s spirit. I could watch her videos and enjoy 24 hours and never gets tired. Amazing girl!